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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tournament Guy?
Tournament Guy is a market place for coaches and teams to shop for tournaments.
Is Tournament Guy safe and secure?
Yes, with our partners at Stripe we value safe and secure transactions.
How can a coach enter his team into a tournament?
The coach will add the tournament to his cart and then complete all fields required including payment. Once the coach has submitted his information the director will have 24 hours to accept the team into their event. Once the director accepts the team, the team is officially accepted into the event and the credit card on file will be charged.
What happens to tournaments in the market place that have expired by date?
Tournaments that have already expired will automatically be removed from the tournament feed but will be archived in the directors account. Coaches cannot see these archived events, only the directors.
Is there a way I can share a tournament with my team?
Yes, Tournament Guy has a share feature where you can share via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Hint: If you use Tournament Guy through your mobile device you can share it via text.
What happens if a director does not respond in 24 hours or rejects my team?
If the director does not respond in 24 hours or rejects a team the coach will be notified and his or her credit card will not be charged. In the case of a director not responding in 24 hours the team can send another request to be in the event.
When does the tournament director contact you?
Your contact information will be sent to the director and they will contact you once they accept your team.
Is Tournament Guy free to post tournaments?
Yes, it is free to post.
How do I know when I get a new team?
Coaches will request invitation into your event and you will receive an email and text. You will have 24 hours to respond to their invitation request.
What happens after I accept the teams invitation?
After accepting the teams invitation into your tournament you will receive their phone number email address, and payment. They will officially be coming to your tournament.
How do I get started?
Sign Up online, tell us about your tournaments, and start adding your events. We will provide the rest to help you be successful in the market place.
What if my event is full?
If you event is full, you have the ability to reject the team into your event. The team will be notified that the tournament is filled and was not accepted into the event. Also, if you would like to stop receiving invitations to a specific tournament you can hide the event from the market.
Why did the time expire on the invitation?
You have 24 hours to accept or reject a team’s entry into your event. After 24 hours, the team will be notified that the 24 hours has expired and their credit card will not be charged. They will not be coming to your tournament.
How do I handle refunds if the coach requests a refund?
All sales are final on Tournament Guy. You would use your own refund policy.
What is my TG Account Balance?
All sales made through Tournament Guy will be directed toward your TG Account Balance. You will be able to access and request these funds at any time.
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