I am only 27 years old, so it wasn’t that long ago when I was involved in youth sports. 14 years isn’t that long, right? I sure hope not, I still feel pretty young. I have also still been involved with youth sports for the majority of the past decade as well and there is one major trend I have been noticing…


The number of state-of-the-art youth complexing popping up around the country is insane!

Where were these when I was a kid!? From baseball, to basketball, to soccer, to volleyball, and every other sport in-between, it sure seems like the youth sports industry is starting to boom.

With all the opportunities available, today’s youth teams have got it made. Every kid wants to feel like an all-star stepping on the field. These complexes will definitely give you that effect.

Here is our outlook on the Future of Youth Sports and what will happen by 2022.

Ryan Rohmiller


1. Ballparks Of America  (Branson, MO) 


2. Sports Force Parks  (Sandusky, OH)

3. The Ripken Experience ( Aberdeen, MD | Pigeon Forge, TN | Myrtle Beach, SC) 

4. Cocoa Expo Sports Center (Cocoa, FL) 

5. LakePoint Sporting Community (Emerson, GA)

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